Tuesday, January 4, 2011

satu bulan for my iphone

One month old for my iphone 4
Yes, Im using iphone for a month.
I wonder why is so hard to get iphone via maxis plan.
You need to queue at the early morning at maxis centre to get the phone. 
And got limited stock for daily! Why so hard to get a iphone?
I got my iphone at Ipad roadshow last month. Before this roadshow, I went to few maxis centers.
I got the same answer: No Stock! and the daily stock stopped for few days.
Reason: they said they don't know.
Before a day I got a news from maxis twitter, it said will be having a ipad roadshow at KLCC and can get iphone from this roadshow. It Only publish at maxis twitter!!! The daily stock stopped is because they wanna keep the stock for this roadshow. But none of maxis center ppl know this before they announce this ipad fair. ( i guess, they dunno why the daily stock stopped for few days).
And they published this news at twitter only, before a day of this Ipad roadshow. Maxis marketing is... hmm...hmm.... speechless.. hahaha... and at the twitter, it never mentioned about the time for the first day of the roadshow. So I thought it will be like normal roadshow time which will be started at 9am kuaaaa... 
I reached there about 9am, and the guy told me, this roadshow will only start at 12pm!
I queued for 3 hours and spent another 1.5 hour just to get my iphone. The process was quite slow and most of staffs are part timer, and not used to the process and system.

So far, iphone is quite great. All in one phone.
Salute to Steve Jobs , he is changing the world! A great inventor. 
I like the camera, I like whatsapp, I like the gps, I like skype ( now video call is supported ) , I like facebook and twitter app, and etc, except the battery! You have to charge at least once for a day!
The camera is good if the place is bright enough. Without good light, you will get noise in your photo.

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